Historic Spot

The Cross Roads Farm & Craft Market is situated near the spot of an original settlement in Chautauqua County, N.Y., along the historic Portage Trail connecting Lakes Chautauqua and Erie.

Overlooking two valleys

We're atop a steep escarpment that divides two watersheds and offers breathtaking views.

Our entrepreneurial roots 

In 1996, members of the Co-op cleared the land, erected two 65 x 100-foot steel buildings and a state-of-the-art, environmentally sensitive restroom facility. A decade later we opened a third building to accommodate our growing businesses. 

Parking, paths, and gorgeous views!

We handle up to 2,000 or so visitors. Check out the pond, or sit outside and drink in the scenery--but get some ice cream first!

A Cross Roads sunset.


Cross Roads Market is located in the beautiful rural hills of Chautauqua County, overlooking Lake Erie in western upstate New York.

From NY 5 or I-90 (Exit 60)
Take Route 394 1 mile south to Route 20 west, across the bridge to County Road 21. Turn left. Approximately 4.5 miles; Cross Roads will be on your right.

From Route I-86 (was NY 17)
Use Exit 6 at Sherman. Follow Route 76 north to County Road 21. Bear right on County Road 21. Approximately 5 miles; Cross Roads will be on your left.

For the GPS'ers, we are located at 6017 Sherman Westfield Rd., Westfield, NY 14787
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The first settlement in what is now Chautauqua County, New York, was the "Cross Roads" along the portage trail between Lakes Chautauqua and Erie. What was just a fallow hilltop field in 1995 has become a thriving shopping community. Cross Roads Farm & Craft Market is a Co-op of over twenty five member-owned shops.

As a Small Business Incubator, the members of this Co-op cleared the land, erected two 65 x 100 foot steel buildings and a state of the art, environmentally sensitive restroom facility. Since then, they have erected a third sales building, also 65 x 100 foot, and a 30 x 50 foot pavilion which is used by produce and occasional vendors, as well as community service organizations. Parking is ample for the 2000 or so visitors each Saturday. The rest rooms, like all of the facility, are fully handicapped accessible. Ten-foot wide aisles invite the baby stroller, as well as the wheel chair. Many of our visitors have taken a personal interest in Cross Roads, and in specific shops within Cross Roads. This Co-op has received donations of trees, flowers, services and materials from friends, neighbors and people who "just want to keep it growing".

Chautauqua has long been known for the quality and creativity of its artists and artisans and Cross Roads has brought many of the finest to this permanent location. Each undergoes a jury process to ensure the quality and diversity of the products offered. At Cross Roads, located between Westfield and Sherman on County Road 21, you’ll meet each "designer", you’ll watch the artisans at work (painting, sewing and much more), and you’ll be able to commission special works just for you. The 25 or so shops are individually owned and managed by the vendors. These small shops pack a big wallop. The personal, friendly atmosphere delights customers, along with the knowledge, skill and artistry of all the members.

When hunger strikes, there are lots of alternatives. Papillon (that’s "butterfly" in French) potatoes are spiral cut with a drill, deep-fried and sprinkled with your choice of toppings. They are served up hot and crisp and, they insist, fat free (because they don’t charge for the fat!) along with friendly greetings and banter.  Home baked pies, cookies and cakes are served in several booths. Competition is keen and you’re the winner.

If you’re in the "graze and taste" mode, you’re really in luck. Samples are everywhere. Many different cheeses, dips and spreads, homemade sausage, maple sugar and butter, mulled cider, wine tastings, fresh-baked bread, popcorn, jams, chutneys, mustards, salsas and a bit of this and that are offered throughout the market.

Hand crafted furniture is featured in several of the shops. Rocking chairs, gliders, tables, chests (treasure and the other kind), bookcases, garden benches and just about anything else that can be made of wood is made, beautifully, by these Amish and "English" artisans.

Some shops specialize in imported goods. One is so very, very British! Fisherman knit sweaters, tartans and framed prints from Great Britain share space with Amish made leather goods and beautiful, fluffy sheep skins. Another features ladies wear and hand knits, though you’ll also find dolls and jewelry.

Stoves ‘n Stuff, not surprisingly, sells stoves, wood burning, coal and pellet. Among the "stuff" part of their shop, you’ll find weathervanes, wind chimes and flags. Around the corner, you’ll find Western New York’s largest selection of herbs and spices plus hundreds of other seasonings and sauces. If you’re told to go fly a kite, find them, along with toys, furniture, quilt hangers, homemade soap products, candles, handmade leather hats and belts, commissioned wood works and much, much more.

The "Farm" part of this market offers locally grown fruits and vegetables in season along with ciders and juices.




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Small Business Incubator

Consider bringing your existing retail, real estate, or "your dream" business to The Cross Roads Farm & Craft Market. The weekly rent is less than a small display ad.

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