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We are fully accessible!

The Cross Roads Farm Market is fully accessible!
An ATM is conveniently located in building 2.

ATM available in Building 2


Featuring over 22,000 square feet of entertaining sights and smells only found here. At Cross Roads, discover exceptional values in a unique market ambience and support local farmers, craftsman and artisans.

Never go hungry! Enjoy fresh bakery goods, mouthwatering breakfasts, lunches and dinners, organic and seasonal local produce. Peruse our variety of bulk candy, sensational spices, coffees, cheeses and maple products. Relax over a wine tasting at one of our wineries, or get the supplies to make your own beer at home.

We feature collectibles, miniatures, Amish-made furniture, and hand-built pottery. Looking for unique jewelry, cutlery, tole, or hand-sewn pieces? We’ve got you covered!

Cross Roads - the jewel of Chautauqua County. Come and see why.

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New Vendors on our website soon!

  • Vetter Vineyards Winery
  • Henri's Gallery of Prints
  • Thumbs Up
  • Art Stop on the Hilltop

We're growing! Come and see!

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