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 Picture our Products
You may see more pictures of our booth and products HERE.
 Visit us at Cross Roads

Formerly located in Sinclairville, NY, Forbes Farm moved to Cross Roads in May of 2007. We visited once and knew it was the place we wanted to be. The beauty of the area and the friendliness of the people were all we needed to convince us this is where our shop should call home.

Meet Sandy

Welcome to Forbes Farm. You can find me in Building #2 here at Cross Roads. Tucked away in my little corner you will find the area's largest selection of metal cookie cutters that I have gathered from all over the world. There are over 550 different shapes and sizes for your baking or crafting needs. If you need a gift or cookies for just about any occasion, I should have the cookie cutters for you.

I also carry unique hand beaded and wire wrapped jewelry that I personally make. Years of experience have gone into perfecting the Native American technique of jewelry beading that is part of my heritage. Here you can find many colors and styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and beaded bags.

You can also find a selection of recycled and hand spun yarns. I spend hours at the spinning wheel and dye pot creating new, unique yarns for your next fiber art project. If you like to help save the environment, stop by the recycled yarn selection. There is also a spot set aside for Fair Trade yarns produced by small, all female co-ops in India and Chili. Silks, Banana fiber and Llama are just some of the yarns available. When you buy yarn from me, you help multiple small businesses along the way.

Besides our cutters and hand made items, you will find a fun assortment of gifts. For your rainy day needs there is an assortment of colorful umbrellas. I have Witch and Fairy balls in a multitude of colors. If you like your glass a little more refined, choose from our imported Egyptian glass ornaments. I also carry American made candles.

Forbes Farm started in our home, located in Sinclairville, NY back in 2001. A few years later we visited Cross Roads. The beauty of the location and the friendly, family atmosphere fit our shop's needs so we packed up kit and caboodle and moved everything here. My shop is my pride and joy. I love meeting new folks and I can't wait to see you there!

Hand Beaded Jewelry  

Almost all of our jewelry has been meticulously hand beaded by Sandy. We carry earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and chokers. Many of our pieces are one of a kind.


Russ Berrie Plush Animals

We carry a wide variety of Russ Berrie stuffed critters in our “farm” area. You will find much more than bears when you visit. Yomiko designs include lifelike animals in everything from your favorite pet to animals of the wild.


Joseph Jars, Vases and Candle Jars

This line was names after Joseph for his coat of many colors. Each vase and candle holder is covered with several colors of beautiful Mulberry paper. The translucence of this special paper gives off a warm and soothing glow when lit. No two are ever exactly alike.

Berenguer Dolls

The Berenguer company has created a beautiful line of life like baby dolls. We have dolls in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Everything from a tiny 10 inch doll play doll to life size collector babies.




Aside from our main products you will find many other gift items.

We have angels in several different styles, both hand made and commercial.

Our tea cup section features both old and new tea cups and pots.

Potpourri that we mix on our farm is available in a variety of scents.

For your holiday decorating, we also have a wonderful selection of hand made and commercial ornaments.

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