Indulge yourself!
Don't forget to make a stop at the Greenstone Bakery & Pizzeria when you visit Cross Roads for lots of instantly gratifying sweet treats, hearty breads for every meal and occasion and our fabulous breakfast, lunch and dinner specials!
Greenstone Bakery & Pizzeria
In Cross Roads Building 3
Also doing business at:  
6312 Cemetery Rd.
Ripley, NY 14775 Email

Melody Spacht
James Spacht

Meet James


"We showcase James' baking abilities and give our visitors lots of delicious choices for their dining pleasure."

- Melody




Baked Goods
Featuring European style breads, scones, sourdough cinnamon rolls, and flaky turnovers - a compliment to any meal or party tray.

Salads and Pizza

Our salads and pastas are served on fresh bread plates in a variety of flavors.  


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