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 The Spice Harbor label
Spice Harbor was founded to provide spices, herbs, seasonings, and packaged mixes of the highest and freshest quality. Even better: we keep our costs low and pass the savings on to our customers.  A good cook knows the difference when it comes to spices!
 Whole or ground, rare or common
We have just about every herb or spice obtainable. Buy them whole, cut and sifted, decorticated, or ground. We have rare chiles and mushrooms AND salt and pepper. How do you want your salt? Kosher? Course? Fine? Red? Hawaiian or French? Need your pepper black, pink, green, white or mixed? You get the idea!

Meet Peggy Mills

Spice Harbor began as a Mom and Pop home-label operation in Westfield, N.Y., on the premise that herbs, spices, seasonings and packaged mixes are over-priced in the supermarket.  With the goal of giving every customer the freshest and best product, Spice Harbor is now operated by Peggy (Mom) Mills.

"We were among the original vendors at Cross Roads," Peggy Mills said, remembering the early days when she and her late husband ran the business. "Each visitor to Cross Roads receives a warm welcome. All of the vendors invite them to shop, but more importantly, we want them to relax and have fun."

For a complete list of food products made and packaged on the Spice Harbor label, send the e-mail below.

Research and travel: Each year, Peggy attends the annual Fancy Food Show in San Francisco in order to find the newest and best ingredients available to mix, blend, and sell through their Spice Harbor label.

Prize-winning: Peggy has entered three food competitions and won First Prize in each (she says she's decided to quit competing while she's at the top!).

What we make:






Bread Machine Mixes


Tea Blends (loose only)



Our "Fiesta" snacks

The Freshest:

We are fresher than anything in the supermarkets!

Dietary needs? 

We limit our use of salt (sea salt only) and do NOT use white sugar. To sweeten,  we turn to turbinado, demmara (raw sugars), or fructose. 

So Popular:

Our dips, breads, and soup mixes are extremely popular.

Amazing  variety:

First time visitors are amazed at the variety of spices we stock.

For the kitchen:

We offer a small but carefully chosen selection of cook's tools and culinary items.

We accept personal checks,

major credit cards, 

traveler's checks.

Our Gift Certificates are special treats! 

The "Harbor" side of Spice Harbor offers nautical memorabilia. Most are of "museum" quality, but we have a selection of fun things nautical--especially for the little ones!

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