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The farm is located in beautiful Chautauqua County in Western NY where my facilities and the climate are ideally suited for raising alpacas. Breeding beautiful, gentle animals is my full-time business.
 Our Fibers
YB Normal Wear is a showcase for the warm and beautiful alpaca fiber that comes from my own stock of prize-winning camelids. Most of my alpacas are full Peruvian but I focus on improving the health, conformation, and fiber quality of each generation, regardless of origin.
YB Normal Wear - YB Normal Suri Alpacas
In Cross Roads Building 3
Also doing business at:  
5782 Stockton-Hartfield Rd
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Evelyn Brumwell

Meet Evelyn Brumwell

Evelyn Brumwell, above, shows off some of the yarns available at YB Normal Wear. She has made YB Normal Wear and YB Normal Suri Alpacas in Dewittville N.Y., an alternative agri-business place where dreams and profit have combined for the benefit of both the humans and contented camelids! "Ours is a symbiotic relationship," Evelyn says.

Almost as cute as the real thing!

Our most popular items are Alpaca Socks, along with the yarns and wool rovings from our animals.

We import beautiful sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, shirts, socks, and other woolens from Peru's famous textile industry.

We also carry hand made items from local artists, and crafts made from the alpaca fiber on our farm.



Love the products? You'll love the animals!

Visit YB Normal Wear & YB Normal Suri Alpacas during the winter when Cross Roads is closed. I'm a full-time alpaca breeder and would be glad to talk to you about raising and caring for these beautiful creatures.

See our website and email information at the top of the page. Also, you can use the feedback form at the bottom of this page to send any questions or comments to us.

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