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 Free Fudge?
Buy a pound, and get half a pound free. Really and truly! Mix up to six flavors! Just business at usual at Fudge 'n Stuff!
 Large Orders Filled Here
If you need more than you can carry in one trip, talk to us. We can furnish large special demands and have corporate rates.
 Sucrose Free Fudges
We sweeten some of our fudges with Isomalt, a slow-digesting sugar that diabetics can enjoy in moderation.
 Over 170 flavors ...
Did you know there were that many kinds of fudge in the world? Find them all here!
Fudge 'n Stuff
In Cross Roads Building 2

Westfield, NY 14787 Email

Wendy Graham

Meet Wendy Graham

What does Wendy Graham like about working at Cross Roads? "Where else could I talk to 1,000 people a day?" As a member of the Link family, Wendy has connections with neighboring booths Chautauqua Coffee Company and Flags & Stuff. "I started out as a Cross Roads customer and had so much fun I ended up as a vendor!"

Quality and class aren't words you might generally think would apply to something like fudge. Wendy will change your mind. You might even start thinking in terms of art when you see her display of multi-colored fudge offerings. But when you get down to it, fudge needs to pass the test of taste.

"I give free samples," says Wendy. Why? Not just so you know how wonderful it is.

Because, with over 170 flavors available, you'll need a little help making up your mind - not if your going to get some, but which ones you can't leave without.

Know what you'll find at Fudge 'n Stuff? You got it! - Home made fudge (including sucrose free), made right on site at Cross Roads! We have more than 170 recipes, so odds are we can satisfy every sweet tooth. From penuchi just like Grandma used to make to peanut caramel to cheesecake fudge, we've got it all. Feel like a kid in a candy store yet? You will!
Fudge-covered apples: Empire apples plus yummy chocolate fudge-- when you add that sweet flavor to the tangy apple, you get a taste that cannot be believed. But don't think of it as fudge. Think of it as a protective coating to hold in the vitamins and minerals! Bavarian glazed nuts: almonds, pecans, and cashews-- Great "walking around" food, but don't forget to get a package to take home, as well. Soft-serve ice cream: chocolate, vanilla, and twist.

No matter what your reason for visiting Cross Roads, there's always a reason to visit Fudge 'n Stuff!



Fudge 'n Stuff accepts checks, Visa, MasterCard and debitcards, Ask about our Gift Certificates!

I will ship fudge during the regular Cross Roads season. That means I can only take care of your sweet tooth from May until December, so stock up! Shipped orders are subject to USPS fees. What makes fudge the perfect gift? You don't have to feed it, water it, walk it, or dust it, and it's always the right size. And no one ever says no to fudge! We have also filled "big orders." Ask about corporate rates for gifts or fudge as party favors.

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