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Peanut Caramel
 Free Fudge?
Buy a pound, and get half a pound free. Really and truly! Mix up to six flavors! Just business at usual at Fudge 'n Stuff!
 Large Orders Filled Here
If you need more than you can carry in one trip, talk to us. We can furnish large special demands and have corporate rates.
 Sucrose Free Fudges
We sweeten some of our fudges with Isomalt, a slow-digesting sugar that diabetics can enjoy in moderation.
 Over 170 flavors ...
Did you know there were that many kinds of fudge in the world? Find them all here!

Meet Wendy Graham

What does Wendy Graham like about working at Cross Roads? "Where else could I talk to 1,000 people a day?"

And talk is part of the experience at Fudge & Stuff. Stop by, chat with Wendy, and take the time to taste-test those amazing fudge flavors.

After so many years at Cross Roads, Wendy's customers have become friends. So visit, sample, take home something sweet, "then eat it fast and come back often!"

Be a Kid in a Candy Store
Buy a pound and get a half pound for free? Can it be true?

Yes, it is. At Fudge & Stuff in Building 2 of Cross Roads Farm & Craft Market, you buy a pound of fudge and get another half pound for free. Folks can mix six different flavors, so just get ready to find your top six favorites.

With more than 170 recipes to choose from, owners Wendy and David Graham make lots of delicious choices. Thankfully, there is no wrong answer here. Come taste and see why!

And get ready for free samples.

With staples like Chocolate Walnut, Maple, and brown sugar Penuchi like Grandma used to make, the "traditionalists" will easily fill their boxes with favorites.

The more adventurous types might take a little longer. How to decide between Chocolate Amaretto Swirl and Orange Cream? Am I more of a Salted Caramel fan or a Chewy Praline lover? And what about the obvious medicinal qualities of Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle?

Raspberry is a fruit, for goodness' sake!

And then there are the seasonal favorites. No one says no to Pumpkin Pie Fudge. Apple Pie, Candy Cane, Red Velvet… Just one visit to Wendy's booth is simply not enough. Come back, try more. Every time you will find a favorite. New season, new holiday, new fudge. It's that simple!
Heath English Toffee
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Fudge & Stuff 6-2014 (2)

Finders, Keepers - Find it Here!

Sucrose Free Fudge
And don't think you can sneak by if you're diabetic. Sucrose free fudges take away one of the sugars and replace it with isomalt. This means that many folks who are watching sugar intake can safely enjoy this sweet treat in moderation, and are they in luck! Sucrose Free Maple Walnut, Sucrose Free Mint Chocolate Swirl, Sucrose Free Chocolate Peanut Butter, Sucrose Free Butter Pecan-even Sucrose Free Candy Cane in December… get ready to become a kid in a candy store.

Special Orders & Fundraisers
Yes, fudge makes a terrific wedding favor-and you pick the flavors you want in each box. Mass holiday gifts? Corporate party? Group fundraiser? Stop by and we can work out a plan that will best suit your needs. This is the beauty of small business! Wendy and David can give you the individual attention you deserve.

Fudge-Covered Marshmallows for All Occasions
Think of a s'more and how much work it entails.

Now put it into "turbo gear"! We take those big camping marshmallows and dip them in our delicious fudge. David does the hard part and Wendy adds the pretty stuff-fudge drizzle in various colors and flavors. Now they look gorgeous and taste better than if you'd spent the time in front of a campfire.

Not only are they inexpensive and yummy to eat while shopping at Cross Roads, but we can fill larger specialty orders for all occasions: wedding favors, baby showers, graduation parties. Imagine all the possibilities! And fudge drizzle can match your theme colors, as well.

Come sample them and see what all the fuss is about.

Fudge-Covered Apples
It's true. We take a tart, crisp apple and cover it with chocolate fudge. Can you imagine? The best way to understand is to taste this amazing treat. Fudge-covered apples! Health food? Maybe…

Bavarian Glazed Nuts
Feeling nutty? Then stop by and pick up a pack of glazed almonds, glazed pecans, glazed peanuts, or glazed cashews. Sweet and nutty at the same time, and oh, so delicious!

Buy them as "walking around" food, but buy enough to take home with you, too. Wendy gives deals for bigger orders. But how to choose? The best way is to buy one of each. Enjoy!

Soft-Serve Ice Cream
In season, indulge in a chocolate, vanilla, or twist cone. Mmmmm…

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