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 This is our primary location
You may find us at a couple of the local festivals, but The Cross Roads Market is our home. We are charter vendors, here since the 1997 opening of Cross Roads.
 Hand-crafted Quality
We make what we sell, and sell what we make - using our sewing and woodworking skills to design wooden toys, dolls and tole painted items.
 Also appearing at ...
The Busti Apple Festival each fall, and the Wildwinds Folk Fair.

Meet Nancy Butler

Meet Nancy Butler

Proprietor, Artist and Designer

You will love the quality we put into our items!

Hardwood toys made of Cherry, Maple and Ash. Toys include pull toys, block trucks, wrecker trucks, race cars, banks and bags of blocks.

View more from our picture gallery here.

A real angel!
Sunny Side Up
A beauty ...
The cat's meow!
The perfect penquin