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 Papillon Potatoes
Sliced thin like a chip and then deep-fried, our "butterfly" potatoes have been a Snack Shack standard for years. You'll only find them here!
 Fried Egg Sandwich

Fried Egg with Bacon and American Cheese on Whole Wheat Toast!

 Sahlen Franks
Only the best dog in the world.

Meet Mark Pouthier

Mark Pouthier is the Chef-in-Residence at the Snack Shack

There are short-order cooks at your average grill, and then there is Mark Pouthier at the Snack Shack. The Cross Roads "difference" finds its way even to this booth, where the foods, as you can see, are not your ordinary fare.

Mark has been in business with the Snack Shack since 1998. He is one of the charter members of the Cross Roads cooperative. Besides his chef's hat, he wears another - he is the General Manager of The Cross Roads Market.


A different kind of chip!They're not french fries; they're not curly fries; they're not potato chips. They are a new member of the family that combines features of all three.
How do you make them? Well, you start with a drill - an electric drill, that's right - and slice up a potato in thin, long curly fashion. Thin as a chip, built like a spring, deep-fried, fresh and great to eat. Get them seasoned for a new twist!


The Snack Shack offers the full line of Pepsi products along with Regular and Diet Green Tea.