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 US Grade A Syrup - Light, Amber, Dark
Our maple syrup is graded so you can get the style you want. You can also taste it on-site before you buy.
 Beautiful Decorator
Quality glass imported from Italy, etched with local themes - a permanent keepsake. Or plastic jugs. The syrup is the same!
 Brand Name Sauces
Maple sauces, mustards, pepper jellies and more from quality sources such as Stonewall, Gormly's, Merle Farms and Fairbanks Creek Farms. Sample them with a cracker when you stop by!
 Blue Ribbon Winner
George is now a judge at the Chautauqua County Fair. It wouldn't be "fair" if he entered his syrup every year!

Meet George Gustafson

George has been into maple syrup for over thirty years.

George Gustafson has been making syrup since 1974. His very first entry to the county fair earned him a blue ribbon, and his maple syrup products continue to be blue-ribbon quality.

Besides producing his own maple syrup, George is a member of the Maple Producers Association of the Chautauqua Region, the Western New York Maple Producer's Association and the New York State Maple Producer's Association. He has been on the Board of Directors of the Western New York State Maple Producer's Association for several years.

George loves meeting old and new customers alike. He especially enjoys listening to the stories of others who have grown up with maple syrup.

We get around ...

Syrup to go in many sizes.

Originally, George and Connie alternated here at Cross Roads with other maple producers, but since 2002 have become permanent vendors, and opened a second booth (Maple Country USA TWO) in 2004. They also have locations in nearby Falconer (see "also doing business at" above). Additionally, they can be found at the Scandinavian Festival, a summer event in Jamestown, and at the "What's New Fair" in the fall.


Also find us ...

Our products can also be found at Frewsburg Pharmacy, Ecklof's Bakery and Brigiotta's Farm Market year round. We also participate in the Busti Cider Mill Seasonal Market, Anderson's Produce and the Chautauqua Institution Farmer's Market.

Maple Sugar candy is the best candy!Says George: My wife says I consistently make the best Maple Cream in the county. What is Maple Cream? Creamy, spreadable maple ... also known as Maple Butter. Is it good? Stop by and you tell me.

Says George: I only fire  my maple sap with wood. It makes the best-tasting syrup. Since that's the only kind of syrup I intend to make, I stick with a wood fire.

Says George: I owe a lot in terms of expertise to my mentor, Gary Peterson, who continues to help make my syrup. Though I have been making syrup for over 30 years, I continue my education at maple schools, tours, and reading maple literature. There's always more to learn!Maple Candy: It's a good gift but it might not last that long.

More maple sugar candy is even better ...Says George: If you like cotton candy, and you like maple, you really need to try one of our favorites - Maple Fluff, we call it. It's maple cotton candy made from pure granulated maple sugar. And yes, it is as good as it sounds!

Asks George: Have you tried our pancake mix, pre-sweetened with granulated maple sugar? Or our maple tea? Yes? Then you know what I'm talking about!

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Corry, PA

Commemorating the annual Ice Castle in nearby Mayville, NY. The Sea Lion once proudly sailed Lake Chautauqua. The very leaf itself.