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Our tree has a wide variety of handmade and unusual ornaments just waiting to be on your right side up tree.

Do you have a doll house or printer's drawer?  Maybe a knick knack shelf or do you scrapbook?  We have a large variety of miniatures that are perfect for all these things like a 1" tall gumball machine, or needle felted teddy bears.

In Cross Roads Building 1


Lorna Parker Owner

Meet Lorna

Lornaments - Miniatures and Crafts
by Lorna, Ken and Victoria Parker.

Home of the upside down Christmas tree!


New this Year! 

Lornaments now carries Locomotion Treats (formerly Treat Your Feathered and Furry Friends, a Cross Roads pets favorite!)  Be sure and remember that loyal, loving and deserving friend with a special treat in a variety of flavors! 

Some of our other wonderful gift ideas include:

Barcelona Driftwood Santas

Prayer Bears - Girls in sundresses and boys in jeans. 

Great gift for someone in the hospital or nursing home or just to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Photography by Priscilla Malarkey; Scenes from Chautauqua, Lake Erie Grape Region and other locations as well.  We have framed and unframed.

Postcards of local landmarks

Silk flower arrangements by Dorthy Wright

Unique hand-crafted jewelry by Kelley McLaughlin

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